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Server Updated!
by News

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Server Updated!
(*) Additional bonus system
(*) Lottery system
(*) Innovative Treiners system
(*) House system
(*) System Boss (Predator - the best monster on the server),
(*) The prison system
(*) Distribution of items after reaching a certain level
(*) Balanced Professions (which allows for equal play).

(*) Beautiful map EVOLUTION - Over 300 respawn, 50 missions, over 50 teleports for monsters, 250 houses, the weight exceeds the 50 MB map!
(*) Teleports for monsters, created for the player who does not have too much time to find them!),
(*) itens Balance (ready in store),
(*) Stages of the experiment (a form of stages that was popular among players),
(*) commands ... Online ,! Spells ,! Bless ,! Addon xxx ,! Premium ,! Promotion ,! Soft ,! Fire ,! Bishop ,! rope,
(*) A unique system of buying Potions and Runes using levers,

It was a quick summary of several things that can be found on the server.
05.04.19 12:22:18

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