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Boss System!
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Boss System!

On our server every 6 hours you can call the boss in the arena (war zone> arena). Predator is one of the strongest bosses on the server. Most items from SMS-SHOPA fall out of it. Predator can hit over 5k, summons Eye of Terror, which very much paralyze and get drunk, so low-level characters should not go on a monster of this type.

If we find ourselves centrally in the middle of the arena, we will see a few dowries, one of them is just the dowry of Predator. After clicking on him, the boss is defeated and the fight begins. The best strategy for killing a predator is to drag him to a trap, for example a wall near a wall. You have to remember to hit him very much because he has very good healing.

05.04.19 12:13:25

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